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Mr. Le Minh Hieu Chairman

Mr. Hieu is one of the pioneering entrepreneur in the construction industry and the textile industry development the block Vietnam's private right from the early days of the country entered a period of economic reform. Is one of the few people to hold the stick, steadfast with the profession, Nam Long Bitexco Corporation (successor textile Dawn) which he founded and led the Brand has become one of the fast-growth company sustainable, and reputation in the industry, the Vietnam textile fibers are noted and reviews by reputable organizations and most demanding international customers. Investment Corporation International Trade Coalition (MITEXCO) was founded with the shareholders in 2011 marks step towards modern development, professional with a desire to become one of the most reliable suppliers in the product supply chain global and regional textiles.

Mrs. Vu Thi Suot-Vice Chairman

Is one of the typical women entrepreneurs renovation period, has received many awards, merit and recognized by the State and the Organization of the Association. She Smoothly is the co-founder and shareholder of directly engaging Bitexco Corporation operating South of Long and MITEXCO, have put the two companies became the typical business, reputation of the industry, are international customers appreciate.

Mr. Do Duc Dung – General Director  

With over 35 years of experience, Mr Dung is one of the leading specialists of the spinning industry in Vietnam, has caught up and the effective application of the latest advances of the spinning industry in the world, are more prestigious worldwide fiber equipment recorded and the high price. He graduated from the University of science and fiber specialist in 1981. Dung is the General Director of the company Fortex, the Tea Thread before on making Director General of MITEXCO from the year 2011.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Cung-Chief Financial Officer

He has 17 years of experience Offer investment, financial consulting, financing and management of business finance. He has been working in Vietnam, KPMG, and the InvestConsult Group Indochina Capital Corporation before joining the finance management in MITEXCO from the year 2015. He graduated master of banking-finance at Monash University, Australia (2006) and be certified financial analyst (CFA) by the CFA Institute, United States of America (2009).

Mr. Bui Huu Hien-Assistant to the Chairman

He was the Assistant Chairman of the Donation from the year 2008, and participated in the problem for Chairman of the same company leadership in production and business activities, and the development orientation of the company. He has over 20 years experience in financial accounting, financing, project development, and Foreign Affairs. Does he cum Accounting Manager-Finance of Bitexco Nam Long. He graduated from the University in finance, accounting production (2002).

Mr. Le Xuan Bac-Head of the business-plan

He joined the North MITEXCO from the year 2014, he has 11 years of experience in import and export activities, international trade business, sales management. Prior to joining MITEXCO, he worked for Nam Long, Bitexco He is a graduate of English Language (199x) and University of Economics and business administration majors (199x).

Mrs. Le Thi Minh Hien-purchase-EXPORT Manager

Mrs Hien joined MITEXCO from the year 2017, Ms. Sage has 7 years of experience in importing and exporting, e-commerce, tax and internal control. Before that, she worked for Nam Long Bitexco. She graduated from the University, u.s., Marryland majors in business administration (2008).

Mrs. Tran Thi Tham-chief accountant

She joined MITEXCO Prashant in 2011, she has 9 Full years of experience in accounting and work went through many different accounting work. Before that, she worked for Nam Long Bitexco. She is a graduate in Commerce, accounting business (2007).


CD Yarns

CD Yarns

RINGSPUN YARN CAPACITY  Number of spindles: 31.680 spindles  Yarn count: Ne 16 – Ne 45  Product: 100% cotton carded yarn for weaving or knitting. Single or double yarn.   Cotton use: US, ...


Laboratory and Quality Control

Laboratory and Quality Control