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Twisting Factory

doubler twister

03 doubling machines of Saurer. Peass/ Switzerland

Model: Versa – A | 60 cabling spindle /machine| cabler 2 – 3 | Ne 6-120

Max speed: 1,200m/min  

capacity: 01 ton/machine/shift


Twister machine

19 twisters of Saurer. Volkman/ Switzerland

Model: Fusion Twister | 220 twisting spindle /machine | Ne 12/2-56/2 | max twisting: 669 t/m

Max speed: 12,000 r/m

capacity: 250 kg/machine/shift


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CD Yarns

CD Yarns

We produce and offer over 450 tons/month CD cotton yarn for weaving, knitting, Ne 20-45; in which CD32/1 is spinned frequently, other counts are produced when we have orders


Laboratory and Quality Control

Laboratory and Quality Control