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OE Yarn Factory


Inpput Cotton Preliminary  Recycling System of Ming Cheng / Taiwan (Maruly cotton/ Italy)

Capacity: 9 tons/ per day


Wiring cotton

Cotton wiring system of Trutzschler / Germany

Made in 2016, including exotic fiber filter Model SP-FPU, 10 mixing boxes


Carding machine

08 carding machine and drawing machine of Trutzschler /Germany

Model: TC15 + IDF2

Max capacity: 150KG/ hour/ machine



oe machine

10 OE machine of Saurer. . Schlafhorst/


Model: BD448 | 448 rotor/machine | max roto speed: 120,000 rpm |: Ne. 10-40 |  

02 OE machine of Rieter/


Model: 932 | 400 rotor/machine | Max roto speed: 110,000 rpm.


Steaming yarn

01 Condibox of Welker/ germany

Model: box: 1.4mX1.4mX4.0m | save 40% power and space

Capacity: 1,200 kg/ hour


Other articles


CD Yarns

CD Yarns

RINGSPUN YARN CAPACITY  Number of spindles: 31.680 spindles  Yarn count: Ne 16 – Ne 45  Product: 100% cotton carded yarn for weaving or knitting. Single or double yarn.   Cotton use: US, ...


Laboratory and Quality Control

Laboratory and Quality Control